Finding Myself!

Independent | USAF ✈| SD | Taurus ♉| | Music♪| Dance | Volleyball | MMA | ✞Good Girl, Bad Habits ✌ ツ

I will always love you to the moon and back and not on light year more. You’re my boyfriend but also my best friend. You make me incredibly happy. You’re the goofiest guy I ever met. You can make me laugh with any little thing you do. You can piss me off but I cant stay mad. You made me crazy about you. We have so many goals together and I know we will make it happen. Timothy Davis I’m in love with you, and I’ll do anything for you! People might think we’re crazy. But I don’t care we know exactly how we feel for eachother. I thank God everyday for you. And Idk what I would do if I lost you! @tee_mfn_raww

All they do is follow eachother! 👧🐶

Love these nights! Esspecially how goofy my babe is lol! 💙 @tee_mfn_raww @yourstrulyarrion